Theta-Zeta for Life

The alumni brothers of the Theta-Zeta Chapter are proud to award deserving active members with scholarships. Please read below for details on the award or to donate today.

For potential and active members

The Theta-Zeta Chapter has an exciting program in the works to benefit our members. Introducing “Theta-Zeta for Life,” which offers eligible members scholarships and more. Your eligibility is reviewed every semester, and currently has no limit. And qualifying is simple!

  • Maintain a GPA of 2.5 for the semester
  • Obtain at least on Ritual Certificate per semester until becoming a Master of the Ritual
  • Appear at 90% of Chapter Meetings
  • Must remain a full-time student the following semester

Also, if you falter for a semester, you can be reconsidered the following semester!

Want more details? Contact us or come around for any Recruitment events!

For parents

Is your son considering joining our brotherhood? Worried about financing his new hobby? Though our Theta-Zeta for Life program, we are happy to greatly help reduce your concerns! We have some simple qualifications to join the program, and once he meets it, his dues are covered for the rest of his undergraduate years, provided he remains eligible while still in school. The program is funded by our Chapter’s alumni as a way of giving back and supporting the next generation of Kappa Sigmas. Looking for a way to help out? We also invite you to join the Parent’s Club.

For our alumni

As you can see in the details above, we are offering scholarships and more to our undergraduate brothers. Your role in this is to help us achieve this ambitious goal! We invite you to donate to our cause online. This money also goes into Chapter House upkeep, and other benefits. We ask our undergraduates to continue “paying it forward” by joining Theta-Zeta for Life upon graduation; participation is still voluntary. If you have questions, please reach out to Leadership and our Officers will respond as quickly as possible.