Theta-Zeta for Life

The alumni of the Theta-Zeta Chapter have created a program that enables our undergraduate brothers by paying dues for qualified brothers.

Introducing “Theta-Zeta for Life,” a program designed to fund qualifying brothers’ Kappa Sigma experience. We understand that our dues, while among the lowest nationwide, can become a financial burden. So, the alumni of our Chapter have created the program to ease that burden for those brothers who are committed to Kappa Sigma.

The qualifications are simple:

  • Maintain a 2.5 semester GPA.
    Your primary purpose at ENMU is to obtain an education.
  • Obtain at least one ritual certificate per semester until becoming a Master of the Ritual.
    Our ritual is what binds us all as brothers, both in the Chapter and throughout the fraternity.
  • Appear at 90% of Chapter meetings.
    Attending meetings keeps you in the loop with events and other Chapter news.
  • Maintain a full-time student status the following semester.
    Membership in Kappa Sigma requires a full-time status.

Each semester is a fresh start, and if you miss a semester, you may be re-eligible again the following semester.

We hope you become, and remain, eligible for the Theta-Zeta for Life program!

Want more details? Contact us or come around for any Recruitment events!