Welcome to the new Theta-Zeta Online!

The Theta-Zeta Chapter has a history of planning ahead, and it is this foresight that has helped our Chapter be the pinnacle of Kappa Sigma, and the fraternal world. In the spirit of looking ahead, Theta-Zeta Online was updated with some new features for both our audiences, as well as future brothers. We believe these updates will make it easier for the Chapter to communicate with all of our audiences. While we are sad to see the old site go, it was necessary to move on. We have kept the Site structure almost the same, with only few adjustments required by our new software platform.

Please take a moment to check out some of the improvements we’ve made!

Blog-based news feed

We have added a blog-based news feed! This news feed will allow us to post full press releases for your enjoyment and information, all in an easy-to-understand format! This post is an example of this.

Easier payment

While very similar to the older payment system, our updated system gives us better control of our offerings, making it easier for you to get to them! We still use PayPal for our Online Payment System.

Back end improvements

This update also made it easier for the Chapter to operate in the back-end.

We hope you enjoy the updated Theta-Zeta Online!

Have some feedback for us? Please share! You may use the Contact Us page or the Report Problem pages to do so. For more in-depth feedback, please email webmaster@thetazeta.org. Thank you!