Masters of the Ritual

The Kappa Sigma Ritual is a cherished tradition that embodies the fraternity’s values and history. Kappa Sigma places a high value on the proper execution and understanding of the ritual.

Theta-Zeta Chapter: A Legacy of Ritual Excellence

The Theta-Zeta Chapter has a long and distinguished history of ritual proficiency. Our chapter boasts a remarkable number of Masters of the Ritual, brothers who have dedicated themselves to mastering the intricacies of the Kappa Sigma Ritual.

Earning the Highest Honor

Becoming a Master of the Ritual is a significant achievement within Kappa Sigma. It requires dedication, perseverance, and a deep commitment to the fraternity’s traditions. The road to becoming a Master involves a series of progressive steps, each culminating in the mastery of a specific aspect of the Ritual.

A Commitment to Excellence

The Theta-Zeta Chapter’s dedication to ritual proficiency is evident in our consistent record of achievement. We are proud to have been awarded the George Miles Arnold Cup for Ritual Proficiency since 1994. This prestigious award recognizes chapters that demonstrate exceptional skill and knowledge in the performance of the Kappa Sigma Ritual.

The Legacy Continues

As the Theta-Zeta Chapter moves forward, we remain committed to upholding the fraternity’s rich traditions and fostering a deep understanding of the Kappa Sigma Ritual.

Theta-Zeta’s Masters

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NameDate Achieved
Chad R. Gebhardt11/16/1993
Jason D. Bothwell8/1/1995
Justin L. Mounts8/1/1995
Robert P. Olmr11/14/1995
CAPT Brian T. Freidline3/11/1996
Daric A. Garbutt5/8/1996
Michael P. Carruthers, USAF10/23/1996
Lowell G. Howe11/26/1996
Kyle A. Joyce6/18/1997
Lucas W. Larson6/18/1997
Eric K. Sanders6/18/1997
Jody L. Bailey6/18/1997
John S. Brandon6/18/1997
Jason W. Lacy6/18/1997
Mario A. Silva6/18/1997
Reese I. Rogers6/18/1997
Scott DeLillo6/18/1997
Jeremy R. Zamora8/12/1997
Matthew E. Chandler8/25/1997
Kenneth R. Ehresmann11/6/1997
Robert R. Scholer11/6/1997
Clifford N. Jones12/18/1997
Eric A. Mattern4/7/1998
Travis L. Watts4/7/1998
Henry G. Varela4/7/1998
Casey L. Stone5/12/1998
James A. Cope12/13/1999
Jonathan S. Hedrick12/13/1999
Jonathan R. Palmer12/13/1999
Joe D. Scholer12/13/1999
Burton R. Trembly12/13/1999
Danny D. Carmody12/13/1999
Joseph N. Frie12/13/1999
Francisco T. Sanchez12/13/1999
Andrew L. Bolte12/14/1999
Jeremy D. Turner6/13/2000
Chad T. Joyce8/9/2000
Joshua D. Adams8/9/2000
Jake A. Medrano8/9/2000
Padaric J. Kolander8/9/2000
Justin A. Ward8/31/2000
Eric D. Garcia1/10/2001
Branden R. Marshall4/6/2001
Jacob B. Espinoza4/6/2001
Brett B. Trembly5/3/2001
Bradley M. Bennett12/6/2001
Eric D. Smith12/6/2001
Anton B. Iliuk3/5/2002
Timothy J. Brooks4/4/2002
Jared A. Morris4/18/2002
Adam C. Flores5/6/2002
Juan M. Marquez Jr5/6/2002
Danny Mendiola10/24/2002
Joshua N. Ingram11/14/2002
Alex E. Richards11/14/2002
Bryan D. Frapp4/25/2003
Nicholas E. Snowberger5/26/2003
Philip A. Garza5/28/2003
Mario E. Cabrera4/29/2004
Samuel A. Michnovicz5/18/2004
Jose Rivas9/4/2004
Nathanael L. Bryant11/8/2004
Brandon W. Spears12/2/2004
Christopher M. Snowberger10/26/2005
Joshua C. Geissinger10/26/2005
Anthony L. Lacy12/7/2005
Brad J. Springfield4/26/2006
Charles Britton4/26/2006
Jeremy J. Mendoza4/26/2006
Mark Torres4/26/2006
Tomas A. Carbo4/26/2006
Cesar Sabillon10/5/2006
Brian T. Campbell12/21/2006
Gabriel J. Sena1/18/2007
Chase M. Fleetwood3/13/2007
Robert J. Wachter11/1/2007
Mark E. Aragon5/21/2008
Olin J. Ellsworth5/21/2008
Zachary T. Graves10/15/2008
David L. Wilson5/18/2009
Ryan S. Jackson11/10/2009
Samuel A. Stone12/7/2009
Kenneth C. Gust3/3/2010
Justin M. Aguilar5/13/2010
Zane C. Dalton9/29/2010
Cedric J. Pittman10/8/2010
Richard V. Snodgrass II2/28/2011
Samuel T. Volkmer2/28/2011
Mark A. Beaubien Jr.4/19/2011
Chase L. Sturdevant11/17/2011
Seth A. Romero2/2/2012
Lincoln D. Nora3/10/2012
Mark A. Zuniga3/10/2012
Mel N. Grassel3/10/2012
Kevin R. Krum4/28/2012
Phillip J. Gomez4/28/2012
Gabriel A. Archibeque9/2/2012
Andrew T. Ferguson12/1/2012
Jordan Yoesting2/16/2013
Zachary Peris4/4/2013
Brandon Rokosz4/24/2014
Josh Simmons4/24/2014
Danny Blair11/21/2014
Mason Thomas1/16/2015
Nick Borden1/17/2015
Kevin “K-Mac” Macdonald2/15/2015
Edgar “Tiño” Muñoz2/20/2015
Aurelio Gonzales3/9/2015
James Thomas4/28/2015
Alexander Neverdouski4/28/2015
Zack Santos4/30/2015
Tyler Herring4/30/2015
Hunter Cummins12/10/2015
Jonathan Elkins2/6/2016
 Ryan “Ryno” Harris 4/15/2016
 Casey Chavez 4/29/2016
 Andrew Moore 4/30/2016
Riley Daggett 3/3/2017
Colton Stewart 4/29/2017
Sergio Uvalle 11/17/2017
Carlos Alvidrez 12/15/2017
Jared Bachman2/16/2018
Jorge Ortiz 2/27/2018
Kevin Hoover 3/23/2018
Jesus Castillo 4/4/2018
Dominic Deeley 4/4/2018
Marquez Martinez 4/18/2018
Edward Newell 8/19/2018
Sean McLaughlin 11/15/2018
Alejandro Torres 11/18/2018
David Vasquez 12/12/2018
Felix Hernandez 2/15/2019
Sean Gabaldon 3/13/2019
Clay Enderez 4/28/2019
Pablo Armijo 4/30/2019
Michael Gardner 4/30/2019
Blake Ahrens 5/10/2019
Dustin Roberts 5/15/2019
Bailey Puckett 11/5/2019
Ethan Rodgers2/6/2020
Jonathon Lewis2/9/2020
Cash Daggett2/18/2020
Kristian Goebel4/10/2020
Isaiah Mejia4/30/2020
Joshua Dietz10/17/2020
Alex Aguirre10/30/2020
Samuel Coronado12/30/2020
Gryf White3/31/2021
Jason Bailey5/1/2021
Kevin Deely10/13/2021
Andres Chavez4/7/2022
Garret Jordan4/28/2022
Tyler Betts7/3/2023
Aidan Garcia7/4/2023