Chapter history

The Theta-Zeta Chapter of Kappa Sigma has been a dominant organization at Eastern New Mexico University for over 60 years. In that time, the Brothers of this Chapter have set forth a standard of excellence, and to become the best fraternity on campus. Through their hard work and dedication to the fraternity, Theta-Zeta has achieved this dream, and we continue to build on that momentum.

The early years

On April 28, 1962, thirty campus leaders were officially accepted as the Theta-Zeta Colony of Kappa Sigma, creating the first national fraternity at ENMU. The charter members were a diverse group of students, including varsity athletes, faculty, students of every major field of study, and even then-President Dr. Donald C. Moyer.

A few months later, on Friday, November 16, 1962, ceremonial teams from Delta-Zeta (University of New Mexico), Epsilon-Xi (UTEP), and Epsilon Phi (Texas Tech) arrived in Portales. They worked all night on the first initiations of Theta-Zeta, initiating three faculty members and 22 of the 25 charter members still on campus.

Bob Slone served as the new Chapter’s first Grand Master of Ceremonies, and was then elected to be our next Grand Master (President). He was a dedicated Kappa Sigma, as well as a diligent student. During this time, Mom Slone, his mom, became the Chapter’s “House Mom.” Tragically, Bob Slone was killed in a car crash within the Chapter’s first four years. The early Chapter and Mom Slone recovered, slowly, together, and Mom Slone remained the Chapter’s House Mom for 12 more years. Her dedication has earned her a place in the house, even today.

Years later, in 1994, the Chapter would begin its rise as the “Great Theta-Zeta Chapter,” earning the first set of awards in that year. It was also the first time any Chapter had brought home the F.A.C.E. award (the highest award at the time) and G.M.A. Cup (another top award based on fraternity ritual). Until 2012, this pattern would be repeated, and the Chapter began to win other smaller awards it had not done in the past. To celebrate, Alumni and undergraduate brothers joined together to achieve the most ambitious privately funded building project in ENMU’s history. The new Chapter house was dedicated at the Chapter’s 35th Anniversary/1997 ENMU Homecoming as the result of the many years of teamwork by the brothers of the Chapter. This updated house still stands today, although it was renovated again in 2012.

The Chapter today

Today, the Theta-Zeta Chapter is one of the finest in the fraternal world. The Chapter has won over 22 consecutive F.A.C.E. awards, 21 G.M.A. Cups, 15 consecutive Founder’s Circle Awards, and recently, our eighth Silver Bowl for academic excellence and third Jackson’s Cup award. (More information about these awards and their significance can be found on our Accomplishments page.)

Kappa Sigma remains the largest fraternity on campus at ENMU, and at 55 years old in 2017, also the school’s oldest. Our brothers continue to hold key roles on campus, with many in other clubs and organizations, even including student government. What started as a dream has become reality, and we continue to push forward.

The summer of 2012 brought an updated house, bringing with it a new look, a couple more rooms, and high-speed Internet access for all of our brothers to use while here. The energy of the Theta-Zeta Half Century Campaign, which funded the remodel for the 50 year mark, has also inspired the creation of a new program called Theta-Zeta for Life. Theta-Zeta will continue to stand as a leader for many years to come, as we lead the way at home, in Kappa Sigma, and the fraternal world.

Join us today as a new recruit, helpful parent, or by participating in our main fundraiser, Cowdrop.