Chapter history

The Theta-Zeta Chapter of Kappa Sigma at Eastern New Mexico University isn’t just a fraternity, it’s a tradition of excellence spanning over six decades. Since its founding in 1962, Theta-Zeta has established itself as a dominant force on campus, consistently ranking among the top Kappa Sigma chapters nationally.

Pioneering Excellence: The Early Years (1962-1993)

Our story begins in 1962 when 30 campus leaders, including students, faculty, and then-ENMU President Dr. Donald C. Moyer, came together to establish the first national fraternity at ENMU. This diverse group of founding members laid the groundwork for the chapter’s future success. Just a few months later, in a momentous ceremony, ceremonial teams from Delta-Zeta (University of New Mexico), Epsilon-Xi (UTEP), and Epsilon Phi (Texas Tech) Chapters arrived in Portales to initiate the first brothers of Theta-Zeta.

Bob Slone: A Founding Father

Bob Slone played a pivotal role in these early years. He served as the chapter’s first Grand Master of Ceremonies and later as Grand Master (President). A dedicated student and Kappa Sigma brother, Bob’s leadership was an inspiration to the fledgling chapter. Tragically, Bob’s life was cut short in a car crash within the Chapter’s first four years.

Mom Slone: A Legacy of Love and Support

Despite this loss, the chapter persevered, drawing strength from the foundation Bob Slone helped establish. His mother, “Mom Slone”, stepped in during this difficult time, becoming the chapter’s beloved “House Mom” for over a decade. Her unwavering support and dedication to the well-being of the brothers provided a sense of stability and family during a period of mourning and rebuilding. Mom Slone’s remarkable act of selling parts of her fine silver collection to help the Chapter cover expenses during a financially challenging time exemplifies her selfless devotion. Years later, the chapter, back on its feet financially, was able to buy back the set, which is proudly displayed in the Chapter house as a constant reminder of Mom Slone’s enduring legacy.

A Legacy of Excellence in Our Chapter House

Theta-Zeta’s commitment to excellence extends beyond awards and achievements. It’s also evident in the chapter’s dedication to providing a premier living and learning environment for its brothers. Throughout the years, the chapter house has undergone significant renovations to reflect this commitment, including a complete rebuild in the 1990s and notable renovations in 2012 (funded by the Half-Century Campaign) and 2021.

A Legacy of Leadership: Theta-Zeta Goes National

The impact of Theta-Zeta extends far beyond the walls of the chapter house. A number of Theta-Zeta alumni can be found in key volunteer positions around the fraternity, from paid staff at our International Headquarters to District Grand Masters and Alumni Advisors both in New Mexico and around the country. Several alumni have even gone on to serve on the Executive Committee, Kappa Sigma’s international board of directors. This dedication to Kappa Sigma on a national level is a testament to the strong foundation established by the chapter’s founding fathers and the enduring spirit fostered within Theta-Zeta.

A Legacy of Rising Above: From Humble Beginnings to National Prominence

Eastern New Mexico University may be a smaller school, and its student body may not hail from the most affluent backgrounds. Yet, these factors have never limited the achievements of Theta-Zeta. In fact, they may have fueled the chapter’s determination to succeed. The brothers of Theta-Zeta have consistently proven that brotherhood, dedication, and hard work can propel a chapter to the national stage. Their story is an inspiration to all Kappa Sigmas, demonstrating that excellence can be found anywhere, regardless of circumstance.

A Legacy of Awards Begins: The Rise of the “Great Theta-Zeta Chapter” (1994-Present)

The year 1994 marked a turning point for Theta-Zeta. They began a remarkable award-winning streak, achieving a historic feat by becoming the first chapter ever to win both the FACE Award and GMA Cup in the same year. This accomplishment solidified their dedication to both exceptional chapter operations and upholding Kappa Sigma’s traditions. Remarkably, they’ve repeated this feat every year since, with only one exception, solidifying their position as a true leader within the fraternity.

Over the past decades, Theta-Zeta’s commitment to excellence has been recognized through numerous prestigious awards.

Join Us in Creating the Future

Theta-Zeta’s story is one of continuous innovation and dedication to Kappa Sigma’s core values. Whether you’re a prospective new member, or a supportive parent, Theta-Zeta welcomes you to join its legacy of excellence.