A Message to Parents

We at Theta-Zeta understand that entrusting your son to a fraternity can be a decision filled with questions. Here at Kappa Sigma, we believe in fostering the personal and academic growth of our brothers, and we value the partnership with parents in achieving this goal.

The Kappa Sigma Advantage: Building Well-Rounded Men

By supporting your son’s membership in Theta-Zeta, you’re investing in his development as a well-rounded young man. Here are some of the core benefits he’ll gain:

  • Academic Achievement: Kappa Sigma emphasizes the importance of academic success. Our chapter boasts a strong track record of scholarship, and we provide support systems to help brothers excel in their studies. (See our Values page for more on Scholarship).
  • Leadership Development: Through chapter involvement and participation in events, brothers hone their leadership skills, learning to take initiative, work collaboratively, and effectively manage responsibilities. (This is a core aspect of our Leadership value).
  • Lifelong Brotherhood: Kappa Sigma fosters a strong sense of brotherhood that extends beyond college. Your son will build lasting friendships with a supportive network of peers who share similar values. (This stems directly from our Fellowship value).
  • Social Development: Theta-Zeta provides a welcoming environment where brothers can develop strong communication and social skills through chapter events and social activities. (This is fostered by our Fellowship value).
  • Professional Networking: Kappa Sigma has a robust national network of alumni brothers. This network can be a valuable resource for your son as he enters the workforce, offering potential job opportunities and mentorship.

Kappa Sigma’s Core Values: A Foundation for Success

Our chapter is built upon four core values (the “Four Pillars”) that guide all aspects of the Kappa Sigma experience:

  • Fellowship: We foster a spirit of camaraderie and mutual support. (This directly benefits your son’s social development and lifelong brotherhood).
  • Leadership: We encourage brothers to take initiative and become effective leaders.
  • Scholarship: We emphasize academic achievement and provide resources for academic success.
  • Service: We give back to the community through volunteer initiatives.

Supporting Your Son’s Academic Success

In addition to the academic support systems offered by ENMU, Theta-Zeta has its own initiative to aid brothers in achieving their academic goals. The Theta-Zeta for Life program provides financial rewards to undergraduate brothers who maintain a minimum GPA, actively participate in the chapter, and exemplify the values of Kappa Sigma. Learn more about this program.

Getting Involved: Parent’s Club and Parent’s Day

We actively promote parental involvement. Our Parent’s Club offers a way to connect with other parents and support the chapter’s activities. There’s also an annual Parent’s Day where you can visit the chapter house and experience Theta-Zeta firsthand.

Resources for Parents:

  • Kappa Sigma Creed and Code of Conduct: These documents outline the fraternity’s core values and expectations for members.
  • Values Page: Learn more about the four pillars that guide the Kappa Sigma experience (See above).
  • Parent’s Club Information: Get details on joining the club and how it supports the chapter.
  • Brotherhood Brochure: While geared towards students, this brochure provides a general overview of the fraternity.
  • Recruitment Page: See how Theta-Zeta welcomes new members into the brotherhood.
  • Letter from a House Mother: Gain a parent’s perspective on the positive impact of Kappa Sigma.

We encourage you to explore these resources and reach out to our chapter leadership with any questions. We believe that together, we can create a positive and enriching experience for your son at Theta-Zeta Chapter of Kappa Sigma.