We understand many parents may be skeptical of their sons joining a fraternity. Learn more about the benefits below!

The Theta-Zeta Chapter encourages parental involvement for all of its members. We also encourage you to look at the Creed of Kappa Sigma, as well as our Code of Conduct.

What you’re supporting

By supporting your son’s decision to become a Kappa Sigma, you are supporting his decision to improve himself into a better man. He may learn how to tie a tie, and is expected to know how to dress professionally for many events, such as our Black & White spring formal or national conference banquets.

By joining, he will also learn other valuable skills that translate to the adult world, such as how to talk to people and sell by participating in Rush (recruitment) and Cowdrop. Wherever a brother ends up after college, chances are he will be able to find an alumni chapter or other brothers of Kappa Sigma in the area. In addition, Kappa Sigma has national networks for its members that could be helpful in finding jobs or internships. Membership in Kappa Sigma lasts “not for a day, or an hour, or a college term only, but for life.”

Our values

Learn more about our values of Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service on our Values page.

Parent’s Club

We are happy to have our Parent’s Club, which came to be after a few parents wanted a way to donate to the Chapter. There is only an annual commitment of $50, although you are welcome to donate more if you so choose. All this money goes into brotherhood events, such as Sunday Dinners. The support given by this club is greatly appreciated by the Chapter. To join follow this link or for questions, please contact Leadership.

Parent’s Day

Every fall semester, the Brothers of Theta-Zeta open up their House in a day geared towards parents and showing what our fraternity is about. This special day generally takes place mid-fall, so please ask your son or our Leadership for more details!

Want to learn more?

Though geared for students, our brochure is available in PDF format here. We also encourage you to view our Recruitment page, or review a letter from a previous house mother.