Theta-Zeta for Life awards 16 brothers

The Theta-Zeta for Life initiative has awarded 16 brothers with scholarships for those who met the requirements for fall 2015. More details are available on the Theta-Zeta for Life page, but in short, these brothers had both a great academic achievements, and contributed to the Chapter in an impactful way.

In an email sent out earlier this month to alumni, these brothers expressed their gratitude for receiving these awards. We decided to share select quotes below. To request the full PDF, please contact us.

I would like to thank all of you that donated your own hard earned money towards the Theta Zeta for Life Scholarship. It is an honor to have been awarded this scholarship and I hope to keep representing this chapter in the best way in which I am capable. Truthfully, if this scholarship did not exist, there is a good chance that I would not have stayed around due to financial reasons. So I would once again like to thank every one of you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of something bigger and greater than just myself.

Todd Atkinson


I just want to say thank you to the supporters of this scholarship, you’ve made it easy on me during this time where I have had difficulty finding a job and made my time with the fraternity a little less stressful. I hope this scholarship encourages and helps more brothers in the fraternity.

James Maley


I received the Theta-Zeta for life scholarship for this Spring 2016 semester and it helped alleviate many problems for me. As a student athlete it is extremely hard to get a job that is willing to work around my hectic baseball, school and fraternal schedule. Having 6 months of my dues paid for allows me to focus on other things like helping the chapter out with brothers getting certificates and helping mold some of the young actives into leaders and help them mature and grow as men all the while doing the same for myself. I would just like to thank all of you for your contributions to our chapter and helping make our lives as college students that much easier.

James Thomas


I’ve always had family cover for fraternity expenses, [and] this scholarship affords me extra housing funds in place of that luxury.

Brandon Rokosz