The Fraternity HQ has issued branding guidelines for all Chapters, Colonies, and other fraternity organizations to adhere to. You can access the branding guide here (stored locally) and the most up-to-date logos here (from HQ).


Our color codes are below, in both Web and print formats.

  • Red
    Hex #bf0d3e | CMYK (2, 99, 62, 11) | RGB (191, 13, 62) | Pantone® 193
  • Green
    Hex #215732 | CMYK (92, 18, 94, 61) | RGB (33, 87, 50)| Pantone® 357
  • Gold (Accent, from Crest)
    Hex #c99700 | CMYK (6, 27, 100, 12) | RGB (201, 151, 0) | Pantone® 117


We have a small selection of logos in PNG format below for easy access.

*All images with transparent background unless otherwise noted.

Badge (Color)
Badge (Outline)
Crest (Color)
Horizontal header (no pillars)
Horizontal header (with pillars)
Military Heroes

The Kappa Sigma Fraternity is the exclusive owner of all Kappa Sigma trademarks, including but not limited to logos, graphics, and various Fraternity symbols. These trademarks may only be used by authorized parties, including recognized undergraduate chapters, colonies and alumni groups. These marks should never be altered or recreated without prior written approval from the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Any products for sale which incorporate these trademarks may not be produced or sold, even by members, chapters or organizations of the fraternity, without a current written license from the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. All other uses of Kappa Sigma trademarks are unauthorized without the expressed written consent of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity International Headquarters.