A letter from a house mom

One of our former House Moms, Mrs. Beaubien, was kind enough to provide a parent’s view of Kappa Sigma. She was appointed House Mom by the Brothers in the fall of 2012.

Dear Parents:

Four years ago my son entered his Freshman year at ENMU. He called me one day and told me that he was thinking of joining a fraternity. I was surprised and oh so hesitant. The first thoughts that came to mind were all the negative connotations associated with fraternities: partying, hazing, unruly behavior, etc. and so I voiced those concerns to my son. He explained to me that Kappa Sigma was not like that. A friend of his from high school was a member and I was assured by my son that this was an organization that was involved in community events and fundraising for charitable causes.

My son was not one to be involved in high school in any organization, even though I had encouraged him to do so, which was something he reminded me of when he was
campaigning to join his fraternity. Needless to say, he joined. Not only did he join, but he became a very active member and eventually an officer. [He held our Grand Treasurer
position for two years. –Editor]

Throughout the years there have been fraternal events that he participated in that required he and other members (brothers) to come to Albuquerque. Since we live 25 minutes outside of Albuquerque in the East Mountains, he had asked if some of his brothers could stay at our house for the weekend. The answer was yes. My husband and I have met so many fine young men throughout these past four years. Every single young man that stayed at our house was polite, appreciative, interesting to chat with and came from different parts of the United States, not just New Mexico, and even some students from the Middle East. Their backgrounds are varied, as are their family lives.

This is a fine organization your sons are being recruited to join. These men form true brotherhood bonds with each other. They are supported by fraternal alumni that are there to
encourage and mentor them. There is no tolerance for certain behavior and not just anybody can join. Not everyone is selected to actually pledge. They attempt to ascertain who would make good members for their organization, which is why we have met so many fine young men!

In closing I will say, we are grateful that our son joined Kappa Sigma and the positive impact it has had not only on his life but the lives of these young men we have met throughout the years. Best wishes for much success for your son’s college life!

C. Beaubien