Code of Conduct

Theta-Zeta prides itself on its attention to the National Code of Conduct. We have it in PDF form here for you to view.

Membership in Kappa Sigma is a privilege. This Code of Conduct binds each member, pledge or initiate, undergraduate and alumnus.

Each member of Kappa Sigma Fraternity is responsible for seeing that he:

  • Acts as a gentleman, setting an example of moral behavior;
  • Conducts himself as a good student, good neighbor, and good citizen;
  • Obeys the laws, rules and regulations of his country, state or province, city and county, and college or university;
  • Understands and abides by the Constitution, By-Laws and Rules of Kappa Sigma Fraternity, including the Standards of Conduct, the acts and resolutions of Grand Conclaves, and his chapter’s by-laws; and
  • Does not engage in, permit or tolerate hazing, or the unlawful use of alcohol or possession of controlled substances.

When the Fraternity finds that any member fails or refuses to abide by this Code of Conduct, the Fraternity may take such actions as permitted in the Constitution, By-Laws and Rules up to and including removing the individual from membership in Kappa Sigma Fraternity.


The Standards of Conduct are part of the Code of Conduct of Kappa Sigma Fraternity. These Standards apply to all members, pledges and initiates, undergraduate and alumni, for their conduct in operation of the chapters of the Fraternity and their personal conduct in the name of the Fraternity. Kappa Sigma Fraternity views violation of these Standards as an extremely grave matter. The day-to-day responsibility of the enforcement of the Code of Conduct and these Standards rests with individual members and chapters. Kappa Sigma calls on each individual member and chapter to abide by and to enforce these Standards for the good of the Order.

I. Hazing

Hazing is contrary to the principles and teachings of Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Hazing itself or conduct which represents hazing is against the law in all jurisdictions in which Kappa Sigma has chapters. Conduct which represents hazing shall under no circumstances be within the duties or obligations of a member of Kappa Sigma.

A. Definition

  1. Hazing is any action, behavior or situation created by any Kappa Sigma chapter or by any member – pledge, active, or alumnus – as part of the operations of any chapter voluntarily or involuntarily involving any member(s) or potential member(s) to produce or result in mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule as a prerequisite to or as a requirement for membership or initiation in the Fraternity, or which is otherwise prohibited by federal, state, provincial, local or host institution policies, rules, regulations, statutes or ordinances.
  2. Prohibited actions, behaviors and situations constituting Hazing include, without limitation, the following in any form or of any kind:
    1. paddling or physical abuse in any form;
    2. calisthenics or other exercises;
    3. creation of fatigue including sleep deprivation;
    4. physical or psychological shocks;
    5. kidnapping;
    6. scavenger hunts;
    7. personal servitude;
    8. verbal abuse;
    9. required uniforms or costumes;
    10. degrading, humiliating or harassing games and activities;
    11. lineups;
    12. “Hell Week” or any other pre-initiation or intensive or condensed programming prior to, following, or in connection with any Kappa Sigma ceremony;
    13. the use of pledge requirements such as signatures or interviews as a means of harassment;
    14. activities a prerequisite to or as a requirement for membership or initiation in the Fraternity which exposes any initiate(s) or pledge(s) to any type of physical danger regardless of degree;
    15. activities involving the consumption of any alcoholic beverage or any other beverage;
    16. activities which would disrupt public order or tend to bring the Fraternity into disrepute in the local community; and,
    17. other activities not consistent with Kappa Sigma Fraternity principles, or otherwise not in accordance with federal, state, provincial or local laws, ordinances or the regulations or policies of the host college or university.

B. Violations

  1. Any individual or collective conduct or acts of omission or commission by any member or chapter meeting the definition of Hazing as provided in this policy shall be a violation of this policy.
  2. Any chapter Executive Committee member actively or passively involved in or having knowledge of any Hazing activity or failing to follow every requirement of this policy shall be in violation of this policy and shall cause the chapter to be in violation of this policy to be subject to the same penalties as a chapter found in violation of this policy.
  3. Chapters performing programming or activities not included in their documented Pledge Education and/or Membership Development Programs shall be in violation of this policy and an investigation for Hazing shall take place immediately.
  4. Any member who interferes or fails to cooperate in any manner with any investigation of possible violations of this policy or advocates or encourages the non-compliance or interference with any such investigation shall be deemed in violation of this policy.
  5. Any member witnessing or having knowledge of Hazing or potential Hazing policy violations who does not report said violations to an Alumnus Advisor or District Grand Master of the chapter or to the SEC or Executive Director shall be in violation of this policy and shall be subject to the same penalties as those members actively involved in the Hazing.
  6. Any chapter found not upholding any individual penalty or other sanction imposed on any member or members for violation of this policy shall be in violation of this policy.

C. Procedure

  1. Any member of the Fraternity who receives information regarding a potential hazing policy violation must:
    1. Immediately report the alleged activity and all available information to the chapter’s Alumnus Advisor and District Grand Master or the SEC or Executive Director;
    2. Take action with the AA and DGM (or officer of the General Fraternity designated by the SEC) to determine the validity of the allegation, including cooperating with any investigation;
    3. Take action with the AA and DGM (or officer of the General Fraternity designated by the SEC) to comply with all applicable federal, state, local, and host institution policies and ordinances;
  2. If the Hazing allegations warrant, the member disclosing the violation, AA and DGM (or officer of the General Fraternity designated by the SEC) must ensure charges are proffered against the offending chapter and member(s) in accordance with this policy and the Constitution, By-Laws and Rules of the Fraternity.
  3. During any investigation of alleged violations of this policy, all chapter recruitment, pledging and initiation activities shall cease until the investigation is complete, the results reported to the SEC and the Chapter authorized to resume such activities.

D. Penalties

  1. Chapter. Upon violation of this policy deemed by the Supreme Executive Committee, or their designees appointed for inquiry, to be chapter-wide, sponsored or tolerated by the chapter or its membership such chapter and its members shall be subject to one or more of the following penalties:
    1. The Executive Committee and Pledge Educators of such chapter will be subject to expulsion from the Kappa Sigma Fraternity
    2. Any individual members participating in any hazing activity will be immediately suspended by the Worthy Grand Procurator and subject to expulsion from the Kappa Sigma Fraternity
    3. The entire undergraduate membership of the chapter will be subject to suspension or expulsion from the Kappa Sigma Fraternity
    4. The chapter will be suspended, its charter placed in Trusteeship, and the chapter reorganized
    5. The SEC will appoint a Trustee to conduct the reorganization under guidelines established by the Membership Development Commission. (1) As a representative of the SEC, such Trustee will have full power and authority regarding all matters of membership and chapter operations during the period of reorganization. (2) The SEC shall consider the reinstatement of the chapter and release of the charter from Trusteeship only upon the recommendation of the Trustee, the DGM and the Membership Development Commission.
    6. Any other sanctions deemed necessary or appropriate including withdrawal of the charter or expulsion of the chapter.
  2. Individual. Any individual member participating in any Hazing activity or otherwise in violation of this policy will be immediately suspended by the Worthy Grand Procurator and subject to expulsion from the Kappa Sigma Fraternity.

II. Alcohol & Controlled Substances

Each member of the Fraternity is responsible for seeing that he abides by the letter and spirit of applicable laws governing use and possession of alcohol and controlled substances. Where local laws may permit certain conduct, but federal, provincial or state laws prohibit that conduct, the applicable federal, provincial or state law shall govern individual conduct.

A. Additional Standards. In addition to abiding by applicable federal, provincial, state, and local laws governing or regulating the use, possession and distribution of alcohol and controlled substances, the following standards apply:

i. Each chapter shall comply with the rules, regulations, policies and standards set by its host institution.

ii. No chapter of the Fraternity is authorized to apply for or hold any license for the sale, distribution, pouring or dispensing of alcoholic beverages or other controlled substances.

iii. No chapter funds may be used to purchase alcohol directly or indirectly.

iv. No alcohol should be made available to any individual who is under the legal drinking age.

v. “Passing the hat,” taking up a collection, charging admission or accepting donations to purchase alcohol is a violation of these Standards.

vi. Fundraising events should not involve alcohol.

vii. No alcohol may be present at any activity, function or event when rushes or prospective members are present. All rush and recruitment events must be alcohol-free

viii. No alcohol may be present proceeding, at, or following any activity that is part of the Pledge Education Program of any chapter or any initiation, pledging or other chapter meeting.

ix. No member shall use or possess any controlled substance or any paraphernalia for the consumption, delivery or administration of any controlled substance in any form at any Kappa Sigma function or at any facility occupied by a Kappa Sigma chapter. A member having a valid prescription is not in violation of this standard.

x. Chapters are strongly encouraged not to pledge or initiate men who unlawfully use controlled substances.

B. Education. Chapters are strongly encouraged to conduct the Alcohol and Drug Education Program, “My Brother’s Keeper”, for Brothers and pledges of the chapter, to take advantage of TIPS training, and participate in alcohol and substance programs offered on the campus.

III. Social Events

Social Events are for members of the Fraternity and their dates, or the invited membership of a chapter of a national women’s college fraternity or sorority on the same campus as part of an exchange or mixer. It is not the purpose of Kappa Sigma chapters to provide Social Events for the campus or community at large.

A. Events held by chapters shall comply with campus rules and policies governing such events.

B. A Social Event is a party or any other gathering approved, sponsored, hosted, or arranged by a chapter or its members in the name of the chapter where alcohol is present.

C. If campus rules permit alcohol, it shall only be made available at a Social Event

(1) in compliance with applicable laws,

(2) then only to persons of legal drinking age,

and then either

(3) through a licensed and insured vendor on a cash bar basis; or

(4) only in accordance with applicable campus rules not conflicting with these Standards.

D. No chapter is authorized to sell tickets, sell cups, collect cover charges, charge admission, vend alcohol from machines, or engages in any other activity that is, or creates the impression that the chapter is, selling alcohol or permitting access to alcohol in a manner inconsistent with these Standards.

E. At any Social Event, no member may have alcohol in large quantities of individual containers such as cases or half-cases, or bulk or common containers such as oversized cans or bottles, punch bowls, kegs or party balls.

F. Chapters should take reasonable steps to see that alcohol is not provided to persons under the legal drinking age at Social Events.

G. “Open parties” are a violation of these Standards.

H. The number of guests (including dates) at any Social Event shall not exceed the number of members in attendance. Alumni, spouses and parents are not counted as guests for purposes of this Standard.

I. Mixers or exchanges with a sorority chapter are encouraged when attendance is limited to members and pledges of both chapters.

IV. Little Sisters and Auxiliary Organizations

The Kappa Sigma Fraternity does not recognize or approve the existence of “Little Sister/Starduster” or similar chapter programs or organizations, or approve chapter affiliation with like auxiliary organizations not authorized in writing by the Supreme Executive Committee.

No organization, unless authorized in writing by the Supreme Executive Committee, shall use the words, letters, logos or symbols of Kappa Sigma, or otherwise represent affiliation with the Fraternity.